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By: raipurivf1 | May 18, 2018

If you fail to conceive for a long time and need medical assistance, then the next thing you need to explore for getting pregnant is a quality fertility hospital in India. It will help you know the exact reason and improve your chances with the correct treatment. Fertility problem is a great struggle in itself – as a couple you always need the right medical opinion based on your situation.

There are many reasons why you should seek appointment in the best fertility clinics in India. Let’s say you are unable to conceive naturally or have a couple of miscarriages, and so far you are getting advice from a local gynecologist. Maybe he or she has done a blood test for hormone level or asked you to monitor your BBT (basal body temperature) for a few months. Simultaneously, your husband has undergone check up with a urologist. When the time comes to identify the problem and recommend treatment solutions, you may desire there was a specialist doctor to share your concern and support in your journey of pregnancy from start to end. That’s where the experience of the best infertility hospital counts.

It is only the best fertility clinic in India which can provide successful guidance as well as treatment. Raipur IVF Centre, a specialised IVF infertility hospital in India practicing in IVF-ET, ICSI-ET, Surrogacy, Sperm, IUI and Egg Donation, suggests you should choose to visit the best one if you:

  • Have a couple of miscarriages
  • Are under 35 years and are not getting pregnant even after a year of trying
  • Are above 35 years and have failed to get pregnant even after trying for 6 months
  • Are far away from conceiving due to a poor semen count of your husband

Before you begin your search for the best fertility hospital in India, know about different kind of tests or treatments you may require down the road. And think ahead of time how prepared are you mentally and physically to continue with the process. Infertility treatments can exceed your budget at times and involve powerful hormones or drugs. It may emotionally feel like a roller coaster ride. Knowing your preferences will help you keep away from being tried for some advanced procedure that you are not ready for physically and financially.

When it’s time to find the best of fertility clinics in India, do some homework ahead of your appointment. One handy resource to compare the standard and performance of individual fertility clinics operating in India is a national database NARI set up by the ISAR (Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction). This national registry has the take home baby rates of different fertility clinics operating within the country. The statistics keep updated all the time, so check the performance of the desired fertility centers based on the present year.

Remember that some fertility hospitals in India that looked promising a few years ago may have had hired a lot of staff and gone done in quality in the recent years. But the success rates, client testimonials and reviews give you the confidence to start with.

Criteria to Choose the Best of Fertility Clinics in India

Be sure the clinic follows latest technology and quality control standards while maintaining strong ethics. Don’t forget to judge each clinic you visit based on the following criteria:

  • How friendly are the fertility clinic’s doctors and nurses? Did they treat you well during your visit?
  • How qualified and experienced are the doctors and technicians working there? Did the clinic carry out counseling without any extra charges?
  • Does it offer a full range of diagnostic tests you should undergo and a wide range of treatment solutions for your infertility in line with the latest technological standard?
  • Does it have specified age limits for fertility treatment? Is it capable to handle pregnancy complications, monitor your treatment cycles, egg stimulation regime, sperm test regime etc?
  • Does the fertility clinic ensure your safety during egg collection?
  • How many embryos it recommends to transfer to the uterus?
  • How much the clinic charges for fertility treatment and is it affordable to you?
  • Are the doctors of the clinic available to you 7 days a week and post treatment?
  • In which sites, magazines, medical journals and news reports, the fertility clinic is covered for its successful results?

For most of you, giving birth to a healthy child is the most rewarding experience of the life. You need not feel the desperation and grief even after losing a baby, as some of the best fertility clinics in India are working to help you start a family with perfect care and treatment.

Raipur IVF Centre is a successful infertility hospital operating in Chhattisgarh under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Neeraj Pahlajani. It has been a great hope for infertile couples with ground breaking treatment plans designed for individual situations. For careful research based approach to your fertility treatment in the best equipped fertility hospital in India, consider scheduling an appointment with Raipur IVF Centre at 09329630455 today! Please feel free to stay connected with us on Twitter , and Google+ social networks as soon as possible!

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